Best Birthday ever

I am pregnant!!!

I am really pregnant.  I am still absorbing this news!  I spent this morning in a state of terror huddled up on the couch cringing and sighing and worrying myself to death.  The clinic called an hour ago.  Andrew answered (we planned it this way) and I could not tell from his body language whether or not it worked.  When he gave me a thumbs up after he got off the phone I was shocked.

In all of the excitement we sort of forgot to ask what the beta was.  I do know that the beta was strong enough that they are just scheduling an ultrasound in a couple of weeks, that I get to stop the progesterone and that they actually said that it looks like a very strong pregnancy.

Oh and it is my birthday.  It did not feel like I turned twenty eight this morning because I was too absorbed in the greater possibilities of today but now I feel like celebrating.

And it is my one hundredth blog post.  Wow that happened fast.

I really do feel like I am in a movie right now.  This is the best birthday ever.  This might be close to the best day ever.