Baby a… Baby B… Hello twins!

So we had a bit of a surprise this morning, well honestly a big surprise… our ultrasound showed us a nice picture of our yolk sac and then it showed us a nice picture of our second yolk sac.

Okay I am going to admit that I did not see this coming.  I mean my beta was in the three-hundreds… solid yes… but it clearly did not make me think that we would have twins.  I was actually slightly disappointed at the time… for about a second.   I was thrilled that we were pregnant at all so that disappointment really had a minimal, if any effect.

I am still processing this news.  We are thrilled of course but I am still in the shocked phase I think.

On another note… at least I have a very good reason for the complete and utter lack of energy, crazy scent ability, and aversion to many many foods.  I mean there are two in there!

For me this year has been quite the rollercoaster… most of it spent in an ungodly state of stress.

It certainly ended with a bang!

Happy New Year!