Rough Day

Today was rough.  I woke up to some not so positive symptoms (in the form of spotting… sorry if this is way too much information) and started google-ing like a mad woman.  It seems that for every reassurance that what I am feeling is normal, there is also a story that confirms my worst fears.  The internet is almost as evil as this waiting period.

The good news is that nothing has worsened from this morning, it is not ideal but I did not need to go to desperate measures and break my promise to not do a home pregnancy test pre Friday’s scheduled beta.

Why do the days have to be so long?  I still have four days to go and each day seems to drag on forever.  Why is it that period and progesterone symptoms and side effects are the same as positive pregnancy symptoms?  Really… is this fair at all?

Okay I will officially cease tonight’s pity party and hope that tomorrow will bring some renewed optimism.