Zero to fifteen in two seconds, and a little something spooky

Lately I find myself not acting like myself.  I go from zero to about a solid fifteen in less than two seconds.  It is kind of like a little monster is hidden in me and takes inopportune moments to rear its little head.  One second everything is fine.  Two seconds later and I have substantially overreacted.  I know when it is happening that it is ridiculous.  I just cannot seem to help it.

By some miracle, my Husband seems to be handling these situations amazingly.  Some might say almost too well.  How is it that he knows how to deal with this little monster that I become yet I do not?  He seems almost immune.  I hope he keeps his game face on because the best… well worst really… is likely yet to come.  The scariest part… this is me… pre injection suppressants and stimulants.  Oh god.  I do not even want to contemplate the not so distant likely occurrences when I am all hopped up on the drugs.

I am trying.  I am trying to be calm.  I am trying to accept what is coming.  I cannot let the little monster win.

Now, on to the little something spooky…  My favourite scary movie of all time…

Return to Oz… now you might be thinking how scary can this movie be… but until you have experienced the wheelers and the heads yelling Dorothy Gale do not judge!