Now I know why people do this again

and again, and sometimes again…

Growing up there was a house in our neighborhood that I used to refer to as the village, well I used to call it half of a house since they lived in a semi and I didn’t realize that many many people live in semis, townhomes and condos.  When you walked by this home you saw toys all over the lawn, children running all over the yard and a pregnant woman.  Rumour even had it that they converted the garage to house more children.  I think they were up close to ten children by the time I was a teenager.

I always wondered why…. why would you ever have that many children?

Well I kind of get it.  I mean I will never have ten children, I will likely never have anymore children.  But I get it. You look at their face… especially when they start to smile at you… when they are babies and want them to freeze like that, be forever young.  I mean I want mine to grow up but slowly… very slowly so I can relish every second of it but time goes by so fast and they are only little for so long.

I’ve been out with Alice and Isla a few times with other moms of singletons (what we multiple moms refer to moms with one baby as) and inevitably they start to talk about plans for the next baby.  Some of them try to work out how soon they can get pregnant again and still be eligible for another year off after the next baby.  I usually end up repeating to myself (in my head of course) that two is wonderful, it was our best case scenario and it will be wonderful to raise these two girls and that will be enough.  And it likely will be.  Of course a small part of me thinks about that embryo frozen at the clinic.  I end up thinking about it more now since mother nature pulled a fast one on us and tricked us into thinking one of our transferred embryos didn’t take last december and that our girls were identical… which they clearly are not.  So they both took.  Maybe the frostie could take too?

yeah i get it.  babies are awesome.

how many children do you dream of having?