Needles, drugs and nineteen eggs

I survived the egg retrieval!!  This is myself a huge pat on the back.  To be honest, it was not as bad as I had imagined… well that and the fact that I was somehow able to not get myself too worked up pre procedure.

We arrived at the clinic at seven thirty am.  A not so friendly nurse brought us into an until today unknown area of the clinic called the recovery room.  She swiftly instructed us to change into a gown for me and scrubs for Andrew.  She then tried her best to give Andrew the boot into the lab so he could um… take care of business.  He could tell that I was not loving this lady so he stuck around so she could stick me with a giant needle… that I failed to feel thanks to emla cream.  After that lovely needle I started to feel relaxed and Andrew left while I got the IV line.  My veins were awesome this morning and she got it on the first try.

Time seemed to fly by and the next thing I knew I was lying on the procedure table with Andrew by my side.  This morning I requested that Andrew ensure that I would be shown no medical equipment, be spared the step-by-step this is what we are doing to you rant, and that any video screens would be promptly turned away.  Control freak…maybe… but the lack of medical knowledge really worked for me…. well that and the drugs.  When it comes to an egg retrieval just say yes to drugs.

I do remember the reproductive endocrinologist telling me about her daughter’s flat tire.  I also remember dropping a couple of f-bombs in particularly unpleasant times.  Most of all though I remember Andrew whispering to me that I am awesome and that I was doing so well.  Well that and I remember hearing someone updating the doctor on the egg count periodically.

She retrieved nineteen eggs.  I may be exhausted but we are definitely thrilled.

Now we are not out of the anxiety riddled state yet in this stage, as we still are awaiting the fertilization report which we will receive tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for your warm and encouraging comments yesterday!  I am definitely so thankful for your ongoing support.