Well that hurt… A little pain and a little fun

So I have successfully established that Repronex and I will not be friends. I was warned of Repronex’s less than stellar behaviour and it certainly did not dissappoint. It hurt like hell.

Okay I am really and truly sorry if you are embarking on the in vitro process and I am scaring you.  That is not my intention.  Besides, I am diligently forcing myself to embrace the sting, let it in and let it do its job… which is to help my follicles grow!  So I will take the sting and the pain I get every time I stand up as a sign that it is just doing its job.

I am looking forward to my monitoring appointment tomorrow morning.  I am really hoping to see some significant progress.  I feel bigger…my usual skinny jeans are no longer okay and I am permanently in low waist-ed leggings… so something must be going on in there.

On a lighter note I went to see Morning Glory this afternoon with my Mom.  Will it win an award… no… but it was light and fluffy and offered up a nice distraction.

I also purchased Eat, Pray, Love.  I love Julia Roberts and there is something so enticing about vacating your life and traveling to a foreign destination to eat fabulous amounts of pizza, discover meditation and of course fall in love.

T minus thirteen hours until my monitoring appointment…get excited!!