Thursday, July 5

acadia, part two

This was supposed to go up a week ago but then we got hit hard with triple cold.  devastating.  seriously.  i hate being sick.  We're recovering... if anything this reminds us how good we have it normally, you know, when we can all breath and aren't uber stuffed up.

Bah take me back to acadia... now please... can't we just move there?  i know... i said that already.

here goes part two... all about that ocean...

this was the first time alice and isla got to experience beach sand.  they've seen park sand... it's largely an impostor in my opinion.  beach sand is the real deal.

alice: love love love this place... can we live here?
(mommy: yes... yes... we can)

alice: beach sand tastes way better than park sand

me: andrew take this shot but make sure my stomach doesn't do that horrid roll-y extra skin thing... thank you!
seriously... do you know a cure for it... help me

i love this kind of ocean, the rough, rocky kind.  i feel like it puts us in our place

and reminds us that there is just so much out there

i like that feeling

we hiked most mornings and often headed to the ocean in the afternoon

isla and alice loved it all

oh i so miss it


  1. gorgeous pictures of all of you in Acadia (I LOVE that place so much...your picks are making me want to run back there soon).

  2. Triple cold-- yikes :(

    I love pictures of your girls. It's a glimpse two months into the future for me! I'm waiting not-so-patiently for them to be able to sit up and be left alone that way (well, not "alone," but maybe "I can stand a few feet away and not be always ready to dive and catch them").

    On the tummy roll-- I know, we've all had to go through a major physical change so whatever we're left with afterwards is different and we may have issues with it, that's totally fair. But DAMN, GIRL. You have no idea. You made twins with that belly??? NO ONE is looking at a fold, I promise (and it's a "thin girl fold;" it's not a fold that happens because of excess fat, it's just how your body bends forwards), they're all going "I can't believe those two babies came out of her and she looks so amazing, I hate her" ;)

    If it helps to know what you lucked out on, I'm overweight to begin with but I have a belly that hangs dooooown. Like, lift it up to see my c-section scar. It's bad. It will need plastic surgery to fix someday :( Be SO HAPPY ABOUT YOUR BODY! You look AMAZING!

  3. Amazing! Yeah, I can picture you guys living there ;)
    Totally hear you on the roll-y skin thing! It's like, one one hand stuff is all back to normal, standing is fine (perhaps even a standing bikini pic!), but then you sit down and all of a sudden it's like, hold on a second, where did that extra skin come from? Oh well, look what we've got to show for it :)