Monday, March 12

our weekend

Mother nature threw us a bone and most of the snow melted over the weekend.  Andrew took matters into his own hands in our backyard and shoveled off the patio.  We are ready for patio season so hopefully it will come early this spring!

This is the first Monday in a while were I actually feel rested and recharged... ready for a great week.  

A few things got me here... I think...

Friday night we watched Ides of March (okay Andrew watched Ides of March, I slept on the couch - an extra hour of sleep for me thank. you.)

Saturday Andrew took care of the girls first thing (we usually take turns on the weekend) so I got another extra hour of sleep.

I went for a pedicure.  I hadn't been since I was the size of a house... very pregnant... with the girls... and they're seven months old now as I mentioned here... so I was due.  long due.  It was amazing.

I got this colour... to change things up a bit.  via
Saturday afternoon I met Janet.
Janet blogs over here.
It always feels good to feel like you've met a like minded person.  Janet brought books, presents for the girls and her wonderful self.  Janet is currently in another IVF cycle, an especially trying one and I am wishing and hoping so hard that this is the cycle for them.
You need to meet Janet too.

We went to MEC and we got new sleeping bags... for all of the camping we plan on doing this summer with the girls... any suggestions on how best to camp with near one years olds anyone?

Saturday night we had friends over and ate some delicious store bought lasagna and played some cards.

Yesterday we headed to Grandma and Grandpa G's house for the first time ever with the girls to celebrate their Uncle Steve's birthday.  Brunch was delicious and the girls had a great time.

We bought our first baby gate yesterday afternoon.

One day soon... we think... they will be crawling... and we're going to have to contain them... sort of.

I'm not looking forward to putting a big gate up on our first floor but avoiding headers off the hardwood onto the tile below has to be the priority at this point.

For those of you with children, did you put gates at the bottom and the tops of your stairs?  The tops are a given of course but I'm wondering about the bottom....

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out as a family... exactly what I love.

what did you get up to?


  1. I was JUST thinking the same thing about the gates, where do they go? Do you have two?

    I love that nail color!

    Looks like the girls were worn out after a fun weekend. :)

  2. we put ours up on the bottom, because we spent most of our time on the main floor and just naped/sleept upstairs. of course I only had one little one to run after, so I would put a gate at both top and bottom. Just to be safe. But don't trust the top one 100%, I've heard of those come out (especially if they are tension mounted)

    we were very lucky early on that Baby C took to heart all our explanations that stairs are dangerous. But even now, at almost three, my heart stops when she's on the stairs. You just never know...

    1. yeah the guy at the store yesterday told us to basically never use a pressure mounted gate anywhere so the one we got screws in and the stairs ones we'll get will have to too.

  3. As always...great pictures! The pleasure of meeting you, Andrew, Alice and Isla was all mine :)

    Did you end up finding a gift for Andrew's brother at MEC? How was the parking down there? Westboro on a warm Saturday...eek!

    1. well parking behind MEC is still there and it's free during the construction so we got a spot back there. We got him a few small things - one being one of those hand exerciser things which he seemed to like.

  4. I can't wait to go camping with A. Let me know how it goes with your girls!
    What a great weekend, now I am crazing a pedi, great color by the way!
    Glad you had fun and got extra sleep!

  5. Your girls get cuter every post! It is so cute that they look alike, but so different at the same time.

    I'm glad you are rested. I am not. Sleep is mad at me right now and doesn't want to talk to me I guess.

  6. awww love the little hit of leopard print! Glad you feel rested - quite a feat for a mom of 7 month old twins!

  7. This weekend I bought a new nail polish almost the same as your pedi color! Except mine is a tad darker, but I can't wait to get it on my toes :)

  8. Very cute! I agree... it is SO hard to find the time for a pedi! I have had maybe two! You look great BTW :)