Friday, October 21

my nursing must haves

I feel like nursing is like pregnancy... it's fleeting (well for me anyways as I can't see myself nursing for longer than six months to a year) and because it's fleeting it's hard to justify buying lots of nursing clothing and gear.  I could see it being more justifiable if say you didn't have twins, it didn't take a team of medical experts and a lot of cash to get you pregnant and you were therefore contemplating future offspring.... however, that happens to be my reality so this will likely (never say never) be my only bout of nursing.

Here are a few things that have made my nursing experience that much better....


2 Pair Regular Bamboobies Nursing Pads
Boob - B Warmer Hoodie Red Flame - Baby Shop
Natural Nipple Butter - organic and all natural nipple cream for sore...
Boob Nursing Singlet White | Stockholm Objects
Bebe au Lait Shop: Mosaic Nursing Cover
nneka nursing pillow green floral - $CAD60.00 : Toronto baby store....

Yes I know you can nurse in your regular clothes.  It may mean exposing your back and tummy to the elements which in our city means weather that is borderline chilly now but will soon turn to a deep down cold to the bone cold.  Nursing tops just make the whole experience that much more convenient and that much more comfortable.

So far I have three nursing tanks and one nursing hoodie.  I love love love the hoodie.  I love it so much in fact that I am trying to track down another one online on sale.

The bamboobies are amazing I promise you.  So so superior to any other nursing pads that I've tried.

The nursing cover is definitely a must have in my opinion.  It would be wonderful if everyone just breastfeed freely in public but unfortunately such is not the case so I will stick it out with the cover.  I tell the girls that they are camping as it is essentially a big tent over them that I can peak into.

The Nneka nursing pillow is a new purchase (well a gift from Nan & Papa).  I was in a local store (the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe) the other day when Isla suddenly demanded to eat right then and there.  Luckily they are well prepared for instances like this and quickly offered me a comfy chair and this pillow to use.  I was hooked.  It is so much more user friendly compared to the gigantic my breast friend twin nursing pillow that I have.

That's it so far.  Am I missing anything?

Happy Friday


  1. I am on month six right now, and didn't buy any nursing clothes. However, I totally agree with your pics here! I use lanolin which is fantastic, and could not do with out a nursing cover!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Love posts like this and love love love the hoodie! I've never seen those before! Did you buy it online or somewhere in Ottawa cause if it was local I just may have to send a family member on the hunt!

  3. @MrsV - I bought it in store at milkface but you can also order it online from there. I love it! The top part is fleece lined which makes it super warm and comfortable.

  4. Posts like this are great for me as I try to figure out what I'm going to need in the future...thanks!

  5. Never seen the nursing hoodies before, but might have to invest in one!!
    FYI. I will soon be launching a Canadian online retail shop customizing in mom and baby products. Our main lines will be JuJuBe, Bebe au Lait/hooter hider, Aden + Anais, See Kai Run and many others. It will be launching in a few short weeks!!
    Thanks for sharing your must-haves, I'm about to scope out the hoodies now!

  6. I've never seen a nursing hoodie before. Genius!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Haha, whoops! I just realized I was signed in as my husband. I thought I'd clarify... a man being excited about a nursing hoodie just doesn't make much sense.