Sunday, December 5


Well we were riding the no news state until this morning.  Yesterday I spoke with the nurse a couple of times.  Did I mention that my stomach is approximately six inches larger post egg retrieval than it normally is.... not exactly comfortable..  As of yesterday everything was good and our transfer is set for tomorrow morning at eleven forty five.

This morning when I heard a male voice on the line I knew it would not be good.  There are no male nurses at this clinic so I knew it was a doctor.  What I understood from the call is that our embryos are not doing so well.  When I heard that I immediately went into panic mode and failed to record or retain the actual details of the situation.  My Husband called the doctor back and got the actual low down.  Of our ten originally fertilized embryos eight are alive.. this is good and to be expected as it is normal for some to arrest.  Of the eight unfortunately only one is currently rated as good.  We were hoping for multiple embryos to be rated as great so this is a bit of a blow. 

I am google-ing statistics.  I am freaking out... a bit.  I mean we still have eight which is amazing and they just need to make it outside of my body for one more day... well less than that at this point.  The doctor tried to reassure us that woman of my age get pregnant with crappy embryos so we should not get discouraged.  The doctor said that hopefully some of the embryos will make themselves known and will improve by tomorrow.

Either way we are putting back two and hoping like mad that one or both stick.

On the plus side it is snowing... First Snow on Two Trees by Lucy Snow ephotography via etsy


  1. I am sorry that you got a call from the doc and that your embabies are having a little bit of trouble. I have heard of many women on here who had embabies that were not rated as perfect who did get pregnant. don't lose the hope yet! Thinking of you!

  2. It happens all the time! Don't give up hope, one of your embabies could absolutely be the one :)

    Best of luck, keeping everything crossed for you!

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  4. Okay so this is exactley what you wanted to hear but you are so ahead of the game that you still have an amazing chance of getting preggo. You are young and healthy which can't be said for most of us going through the IVF process. You have a healthy uterus so you don't need the "perfect" embryo. I just know this is going to work for you!
    Who knows maybe we will have the same due date!!

  5. It's scary, but you still have a lot of embryos growing and you'll get to pick the best two to put back! Fingers crossed for you!

  6. Ashley, hang in there, your little ones are going to grow and surprise you tomorrow. In less than 24 hours you'll be PUPO!!! So, POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!

  7. As the others have said, you still have excellent chances. Thinking of you guys and sending lots of positive thoughts your way that those embryos will continue to thrive and you'll soon be relaxing following your transfer!!!

  8. Oh my. My transfer is at 11:10 am. I will pray for both of us at the same time!
    These embryos are your babies and they may not be perfect, but who is perfect? They CAN make it.
    I'm sure today's news was so hard to stomach! But try to be as positive for the 2WW as you can!

  9. I hope everything goes smoothly!! Hopefully many of the embryos are looking good today! Can't wait to hear!

  10. I think everyone has said what I was going to so well!!! So I will just say, I've been thinking about you and hoping that this works! Keep us posted!!

  11. I am dying to hear how it went. Please update soon so that we know that you are doing well and that the transfer is over with!
    I am thinking about you and wishing a quick and easy transfer!